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Morton Medical has been established in 1990 to design and produce medical products in İzmir, Turkey. She is involved in production and design of many disposable and reusable items used in medicinal processes like anesthesia, ventilation, reanimation and many other fields. Having an extensive product portfolio ascending from a reputable Professional experience ; Morton Medical improves product variability through adding new products and models in her portfolio each year.

Production processes which are monitored and managed according ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE Standards are executed in Class 10.000 and Class 100.000 clean rooms in the new facility of Morton Medical, incorporating a high capacity sterilization facility. Thus Morton Medical defines continuous and sustainable quality improvement as her primary objective.


Starting from 1990 up to today Morton Medical has experienced a constant growth with preference and appreciation of countless hospital management and healthcare professionals in Turkey and 48 countries around the world.

Sustaining and strengthening the brand appreciation of hospital managements, health professionals and producers served as an OEM producer is the prime foundation of strategic plans of Morton Medical.

"flawless and functional"
"one step ahead"