• Our aim as MORTON MEDİKAL; to manufacture our MORTON BRAND products above the existing quality standards in our country, to introduce and increase our production in the domestic and foreign markets.

To achieve this goal;

  • We pay attention to cleaning and hygiene issues in our factory. Human health is important for us.
  • We try to meet the changing and developing quality demands of the customers at the first time correctly and continuously.
  • In order to keep our quality under constant control, we control every stage of production and take the necessary measures by keeping records.
  • It is our principle to make our MORTON BRAND products a preferred well known brand in all over the world.
  • We are cooperating with our approved suppliers who we are evaluating and approving according to predetermined criteria.
  • As Morton Medical, our quality policy is to satisfy all our customers with the quality that is superior to our competitors in every product we produce, with our deliveries in timely and desired quantities, and with our reasonable price, with the participation of all our employees, and to continuously review and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system by complying with legal requirements. and to ensure continuous improvement.

                                                                                                                                 Ref No:KP.5.3 Rev:01